Vespa Sprint Scooter

Why is it Important to Wear a Crash Helmet on a Vespa

It is vitally important to wear a crash helmet on any mode of transportation which does not offer protection.

When riding or driving cars, people are protected in case of a crash by safety devices such as seat-belts, shatter-resistant windshields, and air bags, as well as by a large metal frame (the car itself). However, when using other modes of transport such as motorbikes, bicycles, and skateboards, the body is not protected in case of a crash.

There is no outer frame to protect the body, nor any form of cushioning or support provided by the vehicle itself. On motorcycles and motorbikes, the danger only increases, as these vehicles can reach speeds upwards of 80 miles per hour. Though Vespa's tend to be driven more often in urban areas, where speed limits and traffic keep speeds relatively low, even cruising around the neighborhood can easily produce dangerous speeds.

If involved in a crash at such high velocities, the rider is in danger of scraping and bruising from hitting the pavement or another vehicle. The rider is often thrown from the bike or smashed against the pavement, leading to broken bones and internal injuries that can result in temporary or permanent disability, or even death.

It is vitally important to wear some form of padding when riding a Vespa. Thick fabric like denim and leather can offer some protection in the case of a low-speed crash. However, it is most important to protect your head. In a crash, the head is in a particularly precarious position; depending on speed, even the impact of crashing into another object or the ground can result in severe spinal or cranial injuries from whiplash or concussion (often caused when the brain smacks hard against the skull). If you are you looking for more info about dikke Vespa Sprint have a look at the page.

In some instances, riders not wearing neck or head protection have suffered fatal injuries from external - or internal - or decapitation. As well, though internal injuries to any organ are dangerous and often fatal, a bump or bruise to the brain can easily result in permanent cognitive or physical impairment.
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